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Customize for your unique type of ear

Patented design provides ultimate comfort

High end balanced armature driver powered by Denmark Sonion

Modular design for unlimited possibilities

Customize for Your Unique Type of Ears

Simply take your ear photos with a coin and send to us, and our proprietary algorithm will customize an Arc earphone just for you.

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Patented Airbag Design

Hard plastic earphones can cause discomfort. ARC uses soft silica and an airbag design to ensure comfort, even after prolonged use.

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Z-Lock Design

Unique custom Z-lock design inspired by human ear’s S-type form, and ensures most ergonomic fit just for your ears. Whatever motions you are in, Arc fits snuggly in your ears and never falls out.

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Modular Transformation

Helloear ARC allows you to switch between 3.5mm and Bluetooth, giving you total freedom across all devices, and unlimited future potential.

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Hi-Fi Sound Becomes Standard

We’ve partnered with Denmark Sonion, a global leader (est. 1974) in miniature acoustics, to equip all our earphones with balanced armature drivers that offer rich, Hi-Fi sound quality.

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0.07 oz Earbuds

0.8 oz Bluetooth


2 Hours Charging Time

8 Hours Playtime

USB Charger

20 Hz - 20 kHz Frequency Range

MEMS Microphones

Denmark Sonion Balanced Armature Speaker

106.5 dB @ 1000 Hz Speaker Sensitivity

25 Ω DC Resistance

Bluetooth 4.0

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